SCSI-array questions

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 31 16:44:00 CST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Gabor Kondorosi wrote:

>  I have PV220S configured in cluster mode shared by two PE2650s with a
> PERC3/DC in each.

is this so you can do failover between the two ? or so you can use a
single PV220S as storage for each server ?

> First of all, I found that the I/O performance is simply terrible.
> Bonnie++ gives 4MB/s write I/O (!!!) and 20MB/s read I/O. During heavy
> write operations the machine practically hangs for 5-10 seconds. I do

ok, that's definitely not 'normal' behaviour.  you should probably be
seeing more like 10-25Mbyte/sec writes on raid5 with the perc3/dc and
reads in the order of 30-60Mbyte/sec. (conservative figures)

are these servers in production already ? could you test whether the
storage in non cluster mode still behaves like this ? how about if
one of the servers is disconnected ?

i can't offer advice on the other questions - perhaps a dell person
can say something there.  it may even be a hardware problem...



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