Java Array Manager (to PV600F)

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 31 16:39:00 CST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Florencio Queiroz wrote:

> First, excuse me for my last message (not trimmed). I forgot to trim it. I
> am very sorry.

no worries florencio.  i wasn't trying to flame you (yet :-) just pointing
it out in the hope you'd fix it next time.

> Last, I want to find a Java version for Array Manager. Any advice about
> where to download?

i don't believe you can download it as it is considered a commercial (EMC) piece
of software.  you need to contact your dell account manager.  i don't know if
you would be entitled to get it for free (or for a small cost for the media and
shipping) because you have a 660F or if you will have to purchase it.  these are
questions you can ask him or her..



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