Extreme Slowdown, ip frags, and NFS issues.

David C. Kovar kovar at kealia.com
Fri Mar 28 13:29:00 CST 2003

Good morning,

I recently reported:

1) Odd NFS problems.
2) IP fragmentation and reassembly problems related to the NFS problems.

The root cause of all of this was a Dell 5224 gigabit switch, hardware rev A01.
Replacing this switch with an A02 hardware rev resolved our problems and 
improved throughput.

The problem stems from some issue regarding internal bridging. The first 12
ports are controlled by one chip, the second by another chip. There was a
hardware error in the bridging between these two chips.

If you are seeing extreme slowdowns or IP fragmentation issues and you have
a Dell 5224 in your network, you might see if you can get it replaced. A
quick way to test for the problem is to place the affected systems on different
bridges on the port, then put them on the same bridge and see if the problem
goes away.


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