Redhat 8.0 -- PE600SC -- Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt

Emil Pedersen emilp at
Fri Mar 28 04:28:00 CST 2003

David Gibbs wrote:
> "Seth Mos" <knuffie at> wrote in message
> news: at
> > >I concur with that ... but how do I convince Dell?
> > Convincing the techs is always challenging but they do a lot better then
> > desktop helpline.
> Well, Dell doesn't care that memtest86 reports a failure ... all they care
> about is the fact that their diagnostic reports no failure.
> So, I downloaded the floppy version of their diagnostic and I'll run it
> continously until it fails ... or a few hours pass, whichever comes first.

If you can afford the downtime I would recomend increasing the test time
to a few days (unless it reports error earlier).  I've had memtest86
report additional (first err occured first pass) errors long during pass
30, leaving the test over night(s).

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