Redhat 8.0 -- PE600SC -- Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt

David Gibbs david at
Thu Mar 27 18:27:01 CST 2003

"Seth Mos" <knuffie at> wrote in message
news: at
> >I concur with that ... but how do I convince Dell?
> Convincing the techs is always challenging but they do a lot better then
> desktop helpline.

Well, Dell doesn't care that memtest86 reports a failure ... all they care
about is the fact that their diagnostic reports no failure.

So, I downloaded the floppy version of their diagnostic and I'll run it
continously until it fails ... or a few hours pass, whichever comes first.

They did offer a 'Customer Sat' replacement ... but I would far prefer to
get a replacement because there is a problem, not because I am a complainer.

Well, if the dell diagnostics doesn't turn up anything, I'll probably take
them up on the offer.


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