OpenManage and a 660F?

jason andrade jason at
Thu Mar 27 14:58:01 CST 2003

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Nate Golnik wrote:

> Bonehead maneuver here... we have a 660F in what we thought was a raid 5
> configuration, playing around with it we pulled a drive and sure enough it
> was a raid 0 configuration.  Lucky for us its just test equipment.  I was
> however wondering if the openmanage software for linux can
> control/configure the 660F.

i don't believe it can (if you mean the OMSA stuff).   at least there are no
hooks i have seen for it to talk to any storage stuff, either internal
raid stuff or external storage..  a number of people have asked for this
though (myself included) but at this point it's still separate programs
to monitor the box and it's storage, e.g omreport + afacli or megaraid stuff.

i believe there is a java config client for the 660F (that i assume you're
already using?) but i don't know if that means there is a java command line
interface to it..



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