1650, 2650, and weasel cards.

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This may not be of much help if you already have the Weasel cards, but apparently the Peppercon eRIC cards support PowerEdge servers. Specifically, the 'Quick Install Guide' mentions the following:

"In case your main board does not have single pins for reset and power switch, you may use one of the front panel connectors peppercon offers (for Dell Power Edge, Siemens, Intel, HP)."

I'm sure other people on this list are using eRIC cards with PowerEdge servers (I think I heard about them first here).


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Wondering if anyone has some solution for using a weasel card in the Dell 1650 or 2650 servers, which don't seem to allow you to use a jumper for the reset switch. We like the Dells, and we like Linux running on them, but this is a drawback if we can't use any solution but Dell's for the console connection.  We need the ability to reset these things remotely. Is there a jumper anywhere for the reset switch that I just haven't found?  All I've found is something that looks like a reset button - marked 'reset', on the motherboard itself.


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