Redhat 8.0 -- PE600SC -- Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Mar 27 09:33:01 CST 2003

At 09:13 27-3-2003 -0600, David Gibbs wrote:
>Seth Mos said:
> >>I got my replacement dimm from Crucial ... installed it ... and a few
> >> days
> >>later got another panic.  Same error codes!
> > I think the mainboard is buggered.
>Is that a technical term? :)

Err.. I don't think so. I either thought it up or seen it somewhere else.

>I concur with that ... but how do I convince Dell?

If you had NT4 you would probably get ECC memory errors. We have had the 
same situation on a PE2450.

If replacing the memory does not help the mainboard is the next thing to 
exchange. The memtest86 is very conclusive since it tests more rigorous 
then the Dell tool.

Convincing the techs is always challenging but they do a lot better then 
desktop helpline.


It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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