Redhat 8.0 -- PE600SC -- Kernel panic: CPU context corrupt

David Gibbs david at
Thu Mar 27 08:20:00 CST 2003

"David Gibbs" <david at> wrote in message
news:b5b4kf$n3n$1 at
> I just experienced the 3rd kernel panic ... the system seems to stay up
> a week and then panics.
> I've called Crucial and requested a replacement (they have a lousy
> cross-ship policy).

I got my replacement dimm from Crucial ... installed it ... and a few days
later got another panic.  Same error codes!

I downloaded memtest86 and ran it ... it reported errors at what APPEARED to
be the high end of memory.  I ran the same memtest86 disk on another machine
and it reported no errors.

I then ran the Dell memory test and it reported no errors.

I repeated the test with the original 128mb dimm that shipped with the
system and got similar results.

Unfortunately, I did not note the exact error locations that memtest86
reported ... but I can re-run the test tonight.

Any suggestions on how I should approach Dell about this?  Are they
receptive to output of 3rd party memory test programs?



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