Enterprise Mail Setup

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 27 02:10:00 CST 2003

At 18:28 27-3-2003 +1100, Paul wrote:
>Hi All,
>The current system is a PE2550 with 4 x 36GB U160, 10000rpm in a RAID5 array
>via Perc3Di.
>The array is RAID5. Dual PII 1.3ghz 2GB of ram and the standard dell onboard
>equipment. Gigabit etc...

I think that except the storage part it would be able to cope with the load 
just fine if you get rid of the Perc3/Di and us a /DC or /QC instead.

>Dual Xeon 2.4GHZ, 3GB of DDR RAM. A single 18GB mirror for the OS and
>internal files (logs and db apps etc..) and then a PowerVault for the
>external spool.

Mirror the OS as well, it's stupid to not mirror the OS drive, if you have 
to wait 4 hours for the techs to arrive that means 4 hours no server plus 
the time it takes to install an reconfigure the server.

>The PowerVault would need to do RAID5 for disk spool of say 250GB. The
>PowerVault would need to be connected via the external SCSI port on the new

Don't use raid 5 for the mail spool, I suggest using raid 10 instead. 
Mailservers behave much like database servers and raid 5 is very bad for 
the performance for either application.

You could use a 6x73 or 6x143 raid 10 which equals 210GB or 420GB.

And I suggest using the Perc3/QC in this combination which works reasonably 

It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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