Enterprise Mail Setup

Paul paul at kbs.net.au
Thu Mar 27 01:58:00 CST 2003

Also adding to this is some stats of the current server

Exim Mail Stats
                                                       At least one address
  TOTAL               Volume    Messages    Hosts      Delayed       Failed
  Received              10GB      307328     20573   67312 21.9%  22676
  Delivered           9795MB      240678     2843

Thats for the SMTP stats. Also attached is a current MRTG graph of the spool
usage from when it was first being monitored (started at 38GB)
Sorry but it's in PNG format. Hope thats not a problem.

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> Hi All,
> I am in charge of configuring and ordering a new server for an Enterprise
> mail setup.
> I need some advice and on ideas on what specs to go for and what hardware
> I'd need.
> Below is our current system and it's setup
> The current system is a PE2550 with 4 x 36GB U160, 10000rpm in a RAID5
> via Perc3Di.
> The array is RAID5. Dual PII 1.3ghz 2GB of ram and the standard dell
> equipment. Gigabit etc...
> The new server Im going to setup needs to be able to handle a huge spool.
> ie: 250GB of storage.
> It currently has 140,000 users approx popping and recieving mail via smtp.
> Mail is spooled to /var/spool/mail/x/y/username in a double level hashing
> setup.
> Has anybody had experience in this type of setup. I need some specs or at
> least some ideas on server equipment from dell.
> The server I was thinking of would be:
> Dual Xeon 2.4GHZ, 3GB of DDR RAM. A single 18GB mirror for the OS and
> internal files (logs and db apps etc..) and then a PowerVault for the
> external spool.
> The PowerVault would need to do RAID5 for disk spool of say 250GB. The
> PowerVault would need to be connected via the external SCSI port on the
> server.
> Any advice or ideas would be grealty appreicated....
> Regards,
> Paul
> paul at kbs.net.au
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