PowerEdge 4600 freeze after some hours

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 27 01:41:01 CST 2003

At 14:46 27-3-2003 +0800, Jiang Alan wrote:
>  We have received a Dell PowerEdge 4600 server with two-way 2.4G xeon 
> processors without OS installed.
>  Because we want an up-to-date linux installed, so we installed Redhat 8.0
>without any special parameter. It works fine. But the problem is when it has
>not received requests either from keyboard, mouse or network for some hours,
>it will freeze, and there are no way to wake it up, either by keyboard, 
>mouse or network.
>  What the problem is and how to solve it?

Does it have a broadcom gigabit nic in it? If so, please upgrade your 
kernel to 2.4.18-27


It might just be your lucky day, if you only knew.

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