HA Cluster RedHat 2.1AS

Mathias Kanstrup mathias.kanstrup at ongame.com
Wed Mar 26 09:44:14 CST 2003

Hi Linux gurus!

I have future plans on implementing some kind of High Availability cluster for 
our Website (Apache webserver + MySQL Database). Load balancing is not that 
important at the moment (but will perhaps be in the future)
As I have NO experience what so ever with cluster solutions some hints before 
starting to dig myself into "Red Hat Cluster Manager" & "Piranha" would be 

What hardware do you recommend (shared storage etc...)
Any general hints about clusters / webclusters.
Any DO and DON'Ts ?

Anyhelp is realy appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Mathias Kanstrup
System Adminstrator

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