RH 9.0?

Jima jima at beer.tclug.org
Tue Mar 25 16:16:00 CST 2003

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, David Gibbs wrote:
> I would LOVE to find 1.3 RPM's ... I would build it myself, but I prefer to
> have things in a standard config.
> Heck, I'd even build the RPM myself if I could find a source RPM.

 I used the SRPMs from 7.3.  Looks like I needed mm, apache, mod_ssl, and 
php.  It all built cleanly, except for php-snmp.  I didn't need that, so I 
removed it from the .spec file, and the rest of the package built fine.

David Gibbs later wrote:
> Marc Schmitt said:
> > Maybe the RedHat 7.3 errata SRPM will work?
> Tried that ... won't build because db2 libraries aren't available.  
> Tried to build those too, but ran into problems.  I gave up after that. 
> :)

 Okay, it's been too long since I did this.  Fortunately, I kept a good 

- Ported to RedHat 8.0
- Changed db3-devel BuildRequires to db4-devel (which RH8.0 uses)

 Both the apache and php .spec files require that modification, it 



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