RH 9.0?

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Tue Mar 25 07:59:01 CST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, at 2:31pm, mhoy at securify.com wrote:
> Any truth to the Slathdot article about a March 31 release of RH 9.0?


> If so, are there any upgrade issues we should start planning for?

  Yup.  :-)

  First, it's a new release.  Second, it's a new Red Hat release.  Third,
it's a new Red Hat .0 release.  It is *going* to have problems that will
take some time to sort out.  Don't jump on 9.0 unless you are feeling
adventurous, and then only on test systems.

  I have been told that the big deal in 9.0 (and the reason for the major
version number jump) is NPTL (Native POSIX Thread Library) support.  I guess
that breaks all sorts of things.  YMMV.

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