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Tue Mar 25 07:54:00 CST 2003

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003, at 11:17am, daniel at bluebarracuda.com wrote:
> i've searched the archive a bit and found a few posts about the ide raid
> controller (CERC), but none of them seems to have got it working

  Works For Me(TM).  :-)

> so i'm now wondering, which driver/module does it use?

  The "CERC ATA/100" is a rebadged "MegaRAID i4" (model 511) from LSI Logic.  
It uses the same MegaRAID driver that the other LSI/AMI PERC controllers do.  
Older releases of the driver won't detect it because of new PCI device IDs.  
I think support was added in driver revision 1.18d, but it might be later
than that.  The release on LSI's website today is 1.18h, but it is marked as
being released last week, and we were using the CERC six months ago without


> and will it work out of the box, or do i need to patch the kernel?

  What distro and release?

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