percsnmpd on PE4600

Asher Frenkel asher_f at
Tue Mar 25 07:20:01 CST 2003

and thanks for you replies. 
snmpd is still up after the snmpwalk command. 
the perc SNMP agent seems to crash, this is confirmed by the following from /var/log/messages:
Mar 25 14:54:27 vm01c01 Dell PERC SNMP Agent: Agent Abormal termination
(yes, the abormal typo is in the log)

after that there are a couple of percmain processes hanging around but no percagent. 

I also tried to upgrade the ucd-snmpd and utils, but it doesn't help. 

I don't think this is a access problem, I'm will add the a relevant excerpt from snmpd.conf in the end just to make sure. 

any further suggestion? 



snmpd.conf snip:

#       source          community
#com2sec notConfigUser  default           public
com2sec         vm01c01  public
com2sec         misman2   public

# Second, map the security name into a group name:

#       groupName      securityModel securityName
group   MyRWGroup        v1            vm01c01
group   MyROGroup        v1            misman2
#group   notConfigGroup v2c           notConfigUser

#       name           incl/excl     subtree         mask(optional)
#view    systemview     included      system
view    all             included        .1              80

# Finally, grant the group read-only access to the systemview view.

#       group          context sec.model sec.level prefix read   write  notif
#access  notConfigGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  systemview none none
access MyROGroup ""  any noauth exact all none none
access MyRWGroup ""  any noauth exact all all all

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Looks like your snmp agent is no longer responding to requests.  Check to
see if the daemon is still running: `ps -C "snmpd"` or `service snmpd
status` (On Red Hat systems).  If it's down, you may have a buggy snmp
version; Upgrade to the latest at (Red Hat
based) or  If it's still up it could be an
access problem (read the snmpd.conf man page) or a buggy daemon.  

Read ya,

Joshua Giles

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Subject: percsnmpd on PE4600

Hi all, 
disclaimer: I'm a complete newbie with linux on dell hardware, so forgive me
if I'm talking nonsense 

I'm trying to install percsnmpd on PE4600 running VMWare's ESX Server (I
Believe it is a redhat variant) 
Controller Type: 438/466/467/471/493
Controller Supports 40 Logical Drives
Controller / Driver uses 64 bit memory addressing
Base = 01876000, Irq = 121, Logical Drives = 6, Channels = 2
Version =1.74:3.27, DRAM = 128Mb
Controller Queue Depth = 254, Driver Queue Depth = 126

I followed the readme file, and seem to have the agent running fine.
when I'm doing the following test, the agent seem to crash:
[root at vm01c01 megaraid]# snmpwalk public
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = ""
enterprises.3582. = ""
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = -1
enterprises.3582. = 1
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = 0
enterprises.3582. = ""
Timeout: No Response from

anyone have a suggestion?

Asher Frenkel
Unix System Administrator
RAD Data Communications Ltd.
asher_f at
Phone: 03-7657544 FAX: 03-6496595

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