RAID Performance with Oracle

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 24 00:38:01 CST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Paul wrote:

> I am helping someone out with quite an intensive database with a lot of
> writes (and reads).  They have Oracle 9i on SuSe SLE8 and using RAID 5 (PowerEdge2600 with Perc4di).
> It appears it is taking time to write to the disks.  In this case it is
> not feasable right away to switch it from RAID 5 to RAID 1+0 or 0+1 or
> similar.  Does the Perc4Di support RAID 1+0 arrays?

yes.  please see

> I appears that it may be taking up to 8 seconds to write to the Redo log
> files.
> Is there anything I can do to optimize the database for RAID 5 use?

not that i know of - there have been a few threads in here about
write performance on PERC controllers, mainly with issues on the
PERC2/PERC3 (Si/Di/SC/DC) and so some extent the QC.

some people's solution was to use software raid instead to get the
write thoughput needed for the database and reusing most of the
existing hardware.

for other people it was to deploy on raid 1, or raid1+0 where the
PERC appears to perform much better than with raid5.

i have not seen any reports on the write speed with the PERC4di and
would be interested to know if you can do any benchmarking on its
RAID5 speed for this group.



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