poweredge raid5 container dead

Accounts accounts at mikka.net.au
Fri Mar 21 16:32:00 CST 2003

Hi Jason,

the machine powers up okay, self tests and all looks normal.

All drives spin okay, no error messages reported by the raid controller.
The "controller" sees all the drives on the SCSI bus and starts them

The only messages i get is "cannot find boot device" - F1 to continue, F2 to
try again..sort of thing after the whole startup process.

did a Ctrl-A at startup and the only thing i can see is that the container
is flagged as "dead" .

Tried to boot off floppy and it cannot see the MD device, in fact it cannot
see the hard disks at all.

Any help ? what sort of diagnostics are there?

Rgs, Davor

> On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Accounts wrote:
> > have a customer whose container is dead. is their any way to restore it
> well, from the backups (online or tape) that they made ?
> > it's set up as one single 24.5gig raid5 device. and today it stopped
dead - with "can't find boot device"
> there would have to be a bit more information than that as that
> implies the machine was power cycled or rebooted... and isn't
> coming back.
> when the system boots are there any error messages from the
> raid controller?  can you check to see if reseating the cards,
> drives and cables makes any difference ?
> if they have lost more than one drive then they probably have no
> hope of any sort of recovery as the raid set will be dead.  you
> may be able to luck out with some stuff you can do to drives to
> try and get them to spin back up again but if the drive has
> actually died the chances of this working are slim.
> regards,
> -jason

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