DRAC 2.5 web console

fluke@gibson.mw.luc.edu fluke at gibson.mw.luc.edu
Fri Mar 21 08:06:01 CST 2003

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003 Steve_Boley at dell.com wrote:

> The dracII requires a web console software package to access it as a browser
> can't.  Just find the dracII at support.dell.com under your system and
> choose w2k as your os and it will be one of the links there for the console
> utility.  Sorry there is no option for anything in linux to access it at
> this time.
> Steve

You don't need to apologize, just release documentation for the protocol 
or the source code for the console and we will build are own console for 
Linux.  After all, Dell does believe what it was promoting at the Open 
Source Security Summit about Open Source leading to better computer 
security.  And it should go without saying that Dell wants the console 
utility to be trust worthy when it comes to security.  So, there is no 
need to apologize, just have Dell follow it's own marketing and provide 
the source.

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