RAID container #0 corrupted / critical on PE2650

Rocio Alfonso Pita rozio at
Fri Mar 21 03:42:00 CST 2003

Hi all,

  I have the same problem on Red Hat 7.3. I see in log:

Mar 21 07:16:52 pc1 kernel: aacraid: Host adapter reset request. SCSI hang ?
Mar 21 07:17:02 pc1 kernel: scsi: device set offline - command error recover 
failed: host 0 channel 0 id 0 lun 0

  I have open a console, but I don't run anything:

pc1:~/rozio/scripts/raid # afacli
bash: /usr/sbin/afacli: Error de entrada/salida
pc1:~/rozio/scripts/raid #


El Vie 21 Mar 2003 03:30, Kerry Cox ha dicho:
> Hi all. We're running some PE2650s here with the Dell installed version
> of Red Hat 7.2. I just updated the kernel and patched the boxes to the
> most recent release as of yesterday. During the reboot I am seeing some
> error messages with the "RAID #0 Container Critical" and/or "Corrupted"
> message.
> We have three identical boxes all behind a load balancer. They all
> upgraded fine. But this error concerns me.
> Now, live2 (there are four live boxen, live1-live4) is having problems.
> The load on it is critical and it takes forever to reboot.
> I'm thinking this may be an error from the other day when the Elizabeth
> Smart abduction case broke. handled the full load and these
> boxes went up to 60 Mbs of output in seconds. It turned out the
> developers had not properly tweaked some Apache settings. We had to
> physically reboot the boxen to access them again. I am fearful we may
> have damaged something.
> Has anyone else seen these error messages on a PE2650 running Red Hat
> 7.2 with the latest errata patches? If so, please advise.
> Thanks.
> KJ

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