RAID container #0 corrupted / critical on PE2650

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at
Thu Mar 20 20:47:00 CST 2003

Hi all. We're running some PE2650s here with the Dell installed version
of Red Hat 7.2. I just updated the kernel and patched the boxes to the
most recent release as of yesterday. During the reboot I am seeing some
error messages with the "RAID #0 Container Critical" and/or "Corrupted"
We have three identical boxes all behind a load balancer. They all
upgraded fine. But this error concerns me.
Now, live2 (there are four live boxen, live1-live4) is having problems.
The load on it is critical and it takes forever to reboot.
I'm thinking this may be an error from the other day when the Elizabeth
Smart abduction case broke. handled the full load and these
boxes went up to 60 Mbs of output in seconds. It turned out the
developers had not properly tweaked some Apache settings. We had to
physically reboot the boxen to access them again. I am fearful we may
have damaged something.
Has anyone else seen these error messages on a PE2650 running Red Hat
7.2 with the latest errata patches? If so, please advise.


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