Question:PE2650 2xgbit ether

Michael Weber mweber at
Thu Mar 20 14:46:01 CST 2003

I use an Fast EtherChannel (FEC) setup on my servers.  It load balances,
failsover and back automatically.  And my backups of remote servers take
about 1/3 the time.  This setup requires the FEC driver and a switch
capable of FEC.

Both cards respond to a single virtual MAC address, single IP address,
and the OS sees a single virtual NIC.  Pretty seemless, but not trivial
to setup.  Not brain surgery, but be prepared for a little



>>> <colbey at> 03/20/03 11:01AM >>>
Depends on the purpose?

Do you need max thruput?  It may be possible (not sure) to channel the
2 port together..  Or failover as you mention to the same/different
switches for redundancy..

We need more info to make a good suggestion..

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Christoffer Krzywinski wrote:

> Cheers
> Have a stack of servers (PE2650) with dual eth. Gbit
> - wonder how I should config them, network wise
> Are there any possibilities for some sort of failover between the
> ports, or do I have to assign eth0 and eth1 with separate IP's
> Any suggestions or ideas?
> -StoFfer

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