viewing information about devices on RAID

jason andrade jason at
Wed Mar 19 23:07:00 CST 2003

On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, James Howard wrote:

> O.K., you have a RAID 5 which means a minimum of 3 disks. Can you send

i am guessing it is a raid5 array with 4 * 18G disks.

other options could exist

raid1 - 2 * 73G with not all the space allocated
raid0 - 3 * 18G

i would hope it was not raid0 and that seems unlikely for a production server.

IIRC the 2650 is the perc4 and you need to install the megaraid software to
look at the config.  the easiest way to do this is either look on

or alternately go to dell's poweredge support, put in your tag number and
start looking for the appropriate megaraid software to configure/manage
your PERC onboard controller.

i just looked at a 2650 we have and it is indeed a megaraid controller
which means the afacli stuff won't work i would assume (as it is the
software for the adaptec based perc2si/perc3{si,di} controllers.)



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