viewing information about devices on RAID

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Wed Mar 19 22:03:00 CST 2003

O.K., you have a RAID 5 which means a minimum of 3 disks. Can you send
me df -h ?  I can probably tell you what you have.  There are also some
command line utilities you can install and look at your RAID array,
afacli (you can find this on Dell's support site.  I haven't used em in
a while so I forget how to open a controller.  This should get you all
the info you could ever need


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Subject: viewing information about devices on RAID

I've recently encountered a frustrating, and probably simple, problem.
I've recently become the administrator of a PowerEdge 2650 server setup
with a hard RAID and I need to determine the number of hard disks on the
raid and the sizes of each.  I've searched far and wide and can't seem
to come up with a solution or a quick way of finding this information.
It's not feasible to look at the actual hardware, as the machine offers
email service to several thousand people, and I'd like to avoid any sort
of downtime.  Here is some information that may be useful:

Redhat Linux 7.1

OEM ID: DELL     Product ID: POWEREDGE D1 APIC at: 0xFEE00000
SCSI subsystem driver Revision: 1.00
aacraid raid driver version, Jul  6 2001
percraid device detected
Device mapped to virtual address 0xf8802000
percraid:0 device initialization successful
percraid:0 AacHba_ClassDriverInit complete
scsi0 : percraid
  Vendor: DELL      Model: PERCRAID RAID5    Rev: 0001
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02
scsi1 : Adaptec AIC7XXX EISA/VLB/PCI SCSI HBA DRIVER, Rev 6.1.13
        <Adaptec aic7899 Ultra160 SCSI adapter>
        aic7899: Ultra160 Wide Channel B, SCSI Id=7, 32/255 SCBs
Detected scsi removable disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 0, lun 0 SCSI
device sda: 106633345 512-byte hdwr sectors (54596 MB)
sda: Write Protect is off
Partition check:
 sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 < sda5 sda6 sda7 sda8 sda9 sda10 >
md: md driver 0.90.0 MAX_MD_DEVS=256, MD_SB_DISKS=27
md: Autodetecting RAID arrays.
md: autorun ...
md: ... autorun DONE.

[root at mail /root]# df
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda6               521748    498804         0 100% /
/dev/sda2                23333     17967      4162  82% /boot
/dev/sda10            24003528   8378832  14405368  37% /home
/dev/sda8               256667       232    243183   1% /tmp
/dev/sda5              3099260   2747012    194816  94% /usr
/dev/sda9             24011560  19259968   3531860  85% /var

My apologies for the overwhelming amount of information and the trivial
nature of this question.  Any help or pointers would be greatly
appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

Chris Carver
Mail Administrator

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