How to turn off speaker on perc3

Claude Poitras lstdellpe at
Wed Mar 19 19:30:00 CST 2003


We have a poweredge 1600SC with 4 disk (redhat 8.0 installed by dell).  We have lost one disk.  The system still  running (raid 5) but the perc 3 controller emit a strong beep (for attention, beep problem beep problem, ...). In controller setup (Ctrl-H, at boot time), it's possible to turn off the speaker but at reboot (only way to get out of config of controller) time the speaker return active.

The server is not in server room, it is on my desk.  Now my question (you see it), how can I turn off the speaker when linux is runnig.  I put a scoth on speaker but I alway hear the beep.

And the solution turn off the server is the last solution.

Somebody, can say to me which command I can use to turn off the speaker.


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