Mandrake video problem on PE 2650, again

b welch bwelch100 at
Wed Mar 19 18:59:01 CST 2003

Hello all.

This is a follow-on to my post from the 17th about not
being able to see any graphical output from 2 PE2650's
with Mandrake installed.

I've tried quite a few of the various chips and their
settings and nothing at all worked for getting X11
output. So for the sake of experiment I installed
Redhat on one of the servers to see if that worked or
whether it  was a hardware issue. That install works
fine - no video issues at all.

This is definitely going to prove to be a problem for
us. We are a research lab and have good reason for
running Mandrake. I can't run Redhat on these
machines. This will prevent us from buying any more
Dell servers if nothing can be done to fix the

Any suggestions appreciated.

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