powervault 220x1 + 2x Dell + Redhat 8

Dr Jon R Malone jon at foremost.it
Wed Mar 19 16:00:00 CST 2003

OK we have 2 x dell servers + 1 x powervault 220.  I *THINK* each of the 
dells have a ZEMM card with 2 channels on each card.

I want each machine (but not both at once) to be able to access the 

I have cabled the beasts up, installed RH8 (on the local SCSI disks). 
 With 1 server powered on (and the other off) I can see and configure 
the raid on the 220 - using standard RH8.0 tools.  I can power that box 
off and see the drives from the other m/c.  However when both are on at 
the same time (even when the 220 has no mounted disks) all h*ll breaks 

Each system sees controller resets and or hangs *or goes V slow*.  From 
what I can see the system does not even "BIOS" boot terribly well when 
both systems are brought on at the same time.  I have tried the 2 modes 
of switch settings - excuse the vaugeness but I am not at the system at 
present - cluster mode and "joined bus mode" both behaved similarly.

I would appreciate any "get me started" clues.


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