PE 2650, ERA, OMSA and serial console problem

Marcos A. Mondragon marcmo at
Wed Mar 19 10:14:01 CST 2003

It's 7.3, I'm apologize for not mentioning it. Do you know what the
problem is?  I'll give it a try but I think I remember seeing the
problem with only the OMSA components.  I could be mistaken though?


Marc Mondragon

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 09:16, Joshua_Giles at wrote:
> 7.3?  8.0?  
> I've seen problems with 7.3 based systems, but 8.0 and beyond should work.
> On 7.3 the problem seems to manifest itself when the OS is loaded with the
> racser driver enabled.  If the machine is started without racser, you
> should'nt see this problem.  Once you load the racser driver it seems to
> stop the serial console login from working.  For 7.3 try removing the racser
> service `chkconfig racser off`.  
> Read ya,
> Joshua Giles
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> Subject: PE 2650, ERA, OMSA and serial console problem
> All-
> I've got a strange issue that I'm not sure is a real problem or a problem
> with my configuration.
> I've set up all of my 2650's to use console redirection to a Cyclades
> terminal server which has worked great.  I followed the instructions
> verbatim from the Serial Console HOWTO and everything worked as planned.  I
> had planned on enabling the ERA and OMSA components but when I do, I lose
> the ability to login into my servers via the Cyclades Terminal Server.  I'm
> able to connect to the port and see the login prompt but I'm not able to
> login.  If I turn off the RAC/OMSA software I can login in again -- this is
> driving me nuts!  Has anyone heard of something like this?
> My servers are generally within a rev of the latest RH kernel errata and
> I've updated the ERA bios to the latest and I'm using the latest version of
> OMSA.  Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Marc Mondragon
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