2X PE6650 w/1X cx200 (with brocadeinbetween) - RHAS, in Oracle RAC solution

James Howard jhoward at rackspace.com
Tue Mar 18 20:09:33 CST 2003

If you are using a Brocade 3900 you may experience login problems
between the 2340 and the switch especially if you want to use PowerPath.
I currently have an incident open with Dell and EMC on this.  If you are
using the 3800 or 3200 switches the problem is not evident and we need
to look elsewere.  Also, whitch version of Red Hat AS kernel are you
using ?  The EMC compatability matrix, while a bit cumbersome at over
900 pages, is a good place to look for compatability
.jsp select the PDF file for local reading or try the eLabs online
Can you give me the driver version (should be 6.04.00 from QLogic web
site http://www.qlogic.com/support/oem_detail_all.asp?oemid=65) and the
version of the fabric OS version from the switch ?  What is acting
flakey exactly ? I'll try and help if you can get me this info.

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Subject: 2X PE6650 w/1X cx200 (with brocadeinbetween) - RHAS, in Oracle
RAC solution

Someone ever tried this out?  Anyone ever got it working? 
Is it the bundled RHAS cluster sw (?) or OCFS that is handling the
logistics when two servers sharing the SAN? 

..the whole thing seems very 'flaky' 
Is the cx200 tested in this config - anyone knows? 
.. Got qlogic 2340 cards .. Are they too fresh?? 

Is it the PE6650 that are causing this instability .. heard of  similar
configs but with PE2650's and cx400/cx600 and switches in between?

- could someone confirm this functioning nice and neat? 

- StoFfer 

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