2X PE6650 w/1X cx200 (with brocadeinbetween) - RHAS, in Oracle RAC solution

Christoffer Krzywinski Christoffer.Krzywinski at tv2.no
Tue Mar 18 13:37:01 CST 2003

Someone ever tried this out?  Anyone ever got it working?
Is it the bundled RHAS cluster sw (?) or OCFS that is handling the
logistics when two servers sharing the SAN?

..the whole thing seems very 'flaky' 
Is the cx200 tested in this config - anyone knows? 
.. Got qlogic 2340 cards .. Are they too fresh??

Is it the PE6650 that are causing this instability .. heard of  similar
configs but with PE2650's and cx400/cx600 and switches in between?
- could someone confirm this functioning nice and neat?

- StoFfer

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