Remote access card questions

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Tue Mar 18 09:47:01 CST 2003

Hi, check to make sure you are not running a background consistency check. If you're running megamon, it will sometimes start these upon a reboot, and they can literaly take forever to complete. If you are running megamon, you can use the MegaCtrl program to abort any running background consistency check. For info, run this as root:

MegaCtrl -help

Near the end of this help file, you'll see this example:

  MegaCtrl -cons -abort
       Abort all check consistency operations on all adapters

That's what you'll need to do. But do read the whole help file, it's worth knowing this tool.

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> Subject: Remote access card questions
> Hi all,
>     This is more machine related than linux related, but when I am
> trying to upgrade the Remote access card firmware, it keeps giving me
> this message:
> #racadm fwupdate -p -u
> Transfering file "firmimg.bin" to the RAC, please wait...
> racadm fwupdate:: transport failed
> Does anyone have an idea why it is failing, and what I can do 
> to correct
> it?  Thanks in advance.

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