N way mirror sets in PERC ?

jason andrade jason at rtfmconsult.com
Mon Mar 17 17:19:01 CST 2003


I'm just wondering if it is possible (i don't think so, but i figured
it wouldn't hurt to ask) to do 3 way mirrors or basically N way mirrors
using any of the PERC controllers (ROMB or external) in hardware.  I
can of course accomplish this in software at the OS level to some

If it isn't possible now, is there any chance to ask for this as a
feature request for the future ?  Or is it too complex/expensive to
be implemented?

The idea is of course to have say 3 disks and be able to have the
same dataset mirrored across all 3 so that in the event of a disk
failure you are still raid1 protected or if you want to 'break' the
mirror to split off a BCV for backup or relocation you don't have
a window of risk opening..

Also useful of course where you want to get cloned datasets onto
multiple disks in real time which can then be disconnected at any
point later for backup, relocation to another machine, processing



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