dellomsa, next step?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Mar 17 17:10:00 CST 2003

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Michael Weber wrote:

> My goal here is to have the system either email my pager or send out an
> snmp trap whenever there is a system failure.  I have a PE 2650 with two
> PERC 3/DC's in it connected to a PV220 disk array.  We have had many
> failures of the array and/or drives and we really need to know as soon
> as possible when a drive goes flaky.


> What I seem to have now is the ability to look at and control the BIOS
> of the PERC cards, but nothing to monitor the systems.  Am I going down
> the wrong road here?

dell OMSA gives you the ability to monitor the system, e.g temperatures,
fan failures and other issues.

it doesn't appear to have an ability to interface with external (or even
internal i guess) raid controllers that i have seen.  usually this will
need to be done via a different monitoring system, e.g afaapps for the
perc 2/3 si/di and megaraid for the perc 1/2/3 SC/DC/QC (and presumably 4?)
cards and controllers.

most people i know monitoring their PERC subsystems are using a shell
wrapper around the cli interface or for megaraid cards i believe someone
else mentioned you can get a percsnmp rpm to interrogate them via the
network management/monitoring system you might already have in place.

it is somewhat annoying that OMSA doesn't appear to have any way or hooks
provided to also monitor the storage system as this is obviously one of
the areas of most concern.



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