dellomsa, next step?

Michael Weber mweber at
Mon Mar 17 14:22:01 CST 2003

OK, I downloaded om33_lnx_managed_system.tar and installed it.  There
still seems to be something missing.

My goal here is to have the system either email my pager or send out an
snmp trap whenever there is a system failure.  I have a PE 2650 with two
PERC 3/DC's in it connected to a PV220 disk array.  We have had many
failures of the array and/or drives and we really need to know as soon
as possible when a drive goes flaky.

Many moons ago, I tried to install the earlier version of this software
but it was not compatible with AS2.1 so this package would not load. 
But I thought we could load dellomsa-4.80-3736.i386.rpm and get
something running, but those brain cells are pretty dusty.

What I seem to have now is the ability to look at and control the BIOS
of the PERC cards, but nothing to monitor the systems.  Am I going down
the wrong road here?



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