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Mon Mar 17 12:14:00 CST 2003

Shouldnt the command just be "insmod bcm5700" not "insmod bcm5700.o"
I'm not familiar with Debian and have only done this in Red Hat Linux,
but "insmod bcn5700" always worked for me.
--Richard Idalski

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Subject: Broadcom-module

Distrib: Debian
Kernel: 2.4.20
Server: DELL Poweredge 2650 with Broadcom Gigabit Adapter
I just compiled a new 2.4.20-kernel successfully (thanks to Matt
Domsch). I compiled the BCM5700-driver from
"bcm5700-source_2.0.32-1_all" to bcm5700.o (success).
When I try to "insmod bcm5700.o", the server responds:
"bcm5700.o: init_module: No such device"
Where did I go wrong ?

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Subject: Kernel Compilation

I'm trying to recompile my Debian-Kernel to 2.4.20, but I receive this
VFS: Cannot open root device "803" or 08:03 
Please append a correct "root=" boot option 
Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 08:03 
I presume the problem is with AACRAID... can someone give me a clue how
I can get this into my Kernel ?  Is it in "make menuconfig" ?  Which
option is it ?
Kind regards,
Gorik Vanderreken

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