rpm installation problem on PE2650

Ben Russo Ben at umialumni.com
Mon Mar 17 10:40:00 CST 2003

>>Can anyone suggest a reason why rpm should cease to work on a PE2650
>>RH8.0 vanilla SMP?  I have to kill it from another xterm and from
>>Nautilus it just doesn't open at all.
>>I can rpm --help and simple things like that but -ivh or -q just hangs
>>otherwise. It seems to happen with any package and of course makes
>>updating rather difficult.

I've had this happen on standalone vanilla RedHat 8 boxes, 20 minutes 
after the install
completed, just trying to install a verified RedHat RPM.  No NFS, or 
SAMBA, no special
stuff on the box at all.  Vanilla hardware, vanilla install..... 

I've had it happen on many different RH8.0 boxes Dell's, Compaq's, 

The solution is to get a different terminal into the box, kill -9 the 
"rpm" or "up2date" process
that is hung, then "rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db.00*"
and then try again.

Very rarely you will have to do this twice...


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