rpm installation problem on PE2650

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Sun Mar 16 14:14:02 CST 2003

I forgot to metion, run df -h.  It should give you results of your
filesystem.  If it takes more then a second or 2, then you have a hung
samba share you will need to unmount.


On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, John Logsdon wrote:

> Hi
> Can anyone suggest a reason why rpm should cease to work on a PE2650 with
> RH8.0 vanilla SMP?  I have to kill it from another xterm and from Nautilus
> it just doesn't open at all.
> I've never seen this before on this machine or any other.  The OMSA
> parameters look OK - machine tests return OK although particularly over X
> it does seem quite slow with the graphics.
> I can rpm --help and simple things like that but -ivh or -q just hangs
> otherwise. It seems to happen with any package and of course makes
> updating rather difficult.
> -:( -:(.
> John
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