Dell PE1550 and Solaris

jason andrade jason at
Sat Mar 15 07:14:00 CST 2003

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Chris Kirby wrote:

> Do you know if I will be able to use the onboard NIC's of the Dells in a
> failover/load balanced configuration under FBSD? If this is done at the
> hardware level in BIOS, it should work fine but if it needs drivers from
> Dell, then I'm not sure if it will work work.

i don't know if there are failover drivers for freebsd.  i do know that intel
have failover drivers (iANS) for Linux with their teaming support which offers
load balancing and failover.  it is done at the driver level.

> Since the NFS will be primarily in a shared webserver environment with 4 Sun
> webservers, NFS stability is absolute key for me. No lock up, etc. I am
> investing a bit of money into the HA instrastructure and would really hate
> to have NFS as a weak link, heh. Performance is secondary, but it'd be great

are you doing read only NFS or do you need multiple sources to write to the
drives ?  read only nfs is much less likely to have issues.

> if I could push 15Mb/s without expecting any problems. If Linux can provide

15Mbit ? we're pushing linux NFS at around 130-150Mbit at the moment..

> rock solid NFS performance at only 15MBps, that's great! But if using Linux
> NFS defeats the purpose of the HA environment then I will consider other
> OS's of course.

nod.  it depends.  if you are only using solaris and linux then i think it'd
be pretty safe.  linux plays less well with irix unfortunately..

> Since the webservers are Sparc machines running Solaris 9, would Solaris 9
> on the Dell NFS servers be the best thing to go with or will FBSD also
> provide solid NFS server for Solaris clients as well?

i can't advise on solaris9/x86 on dell.  FreeBSD on the other hand should
also work well with dell hardware but keep in mind that you cannot get
support from dell, officially anyway for that config.

you will want to consider this in your systems architecture design.. and
your admin HA.  what happens if you get hit by a bus, who does your company
turn to for support for the systems you put in..



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