Dell PE1550 and Solaris

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	Why would you want to exert yourself to lots of pain with Solaris 9, I
work with that OS on a daily basis, its a painful OS ! Imagine what
happens to approx 230 students on a daily basis using CDE and Emacs to
do assignments and CS stuff, painful ! There are better tools and
friendlier OS's out there, enter Linux.

	I think that NFS under linux is very stable and reliable. I think that
its also very simple to setup. It also supports automounting so its got
all the features of Solaris that you would need. I also think that the
NFS code is partial public and the open source crowd is taking advantage
of this.

	But from what I understand Sun also has their own Linux 5.0 based on RH
software, besides the point, I think that Dell hardware is generic
enough for you slap on Sol9 X86 and run it. Linux especially RH can
scale very well under load in all aspects, I would suggest you give RH
7.3/8.0 a shot before you go to Sol9 and know for yourself if those
reports are true.

	If I am wrong someone please correct me !



On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 05:51, Chris Kirby wrote:
> I just wanted to ask around to find out how well the support is for Solaris
> 9 on Dell PowerEdge 1550's?
> I will be using a pair of 1550's as NFS servers and reliability and
> performance is *very* important. I've been reading a lot of negative
> articles on Linux technical sites about NFS woes under Linux and the
> consensus so far is that Solaris is the way to go for architectures
> requiring stable and fast NFS performance even under high load.
> Any thoughts?
> Chris.
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