How to boot from 7.3 CD and then FTP install

Michael Weber mweber at
Thu Mar 13 16:12:00 CST 2003

Um...  Maybe I'm being dense, but why not just make a kickstart floppy
and be done with it?  KS will use an FTP source or the CD, right?

I could be wrong... I was once before.


>>> Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch at> 03/13/03 10:54AM >>>
> Dumb question

No such thing.

> but I have a CD remotely placed in my Dell 1550 server and I need to
> reload the server. How do I use the CD to start the install but kick
> an FTP install from the boot menu option screen?

That functionality was added in RHL 8.0 with the 'askmethod' command
parameter.  It's not in 7.3.

> Or do I need to make a boot diskette?

Unfortunately, yes.


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