question about nics on 600SC

jason andrade jason at
Wed Mar 12 16:16:00 CST 2003

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, kenn murrah wrote:

> thanks, jason .. i guess that's my real question ... since i'm only running 100BT in my office, there's no reason to get a second Pro1000 card UNLESS there are potential problems running one 100BT card and one 1000 in the same box ...

ah.  that's fair enough.  though i would point out that long term, given that a pro1000
card should be almost the same price as a pro100 you might be better having multiple gigE
nics.  it also means you are only using one driver rather than two from a very minor
efficiency point of view :-)

> but if i understand you correctly, i should be okay doing that with different NICs ... right ?



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