Dell OpenManage Array Manager Problem

Thom Dyson TDyson at
Wed Mar 12 09:20:01 CST 2003

While I used to be dismayed by Dell's lack of Linux tools - it seemed a bit
weak, we've since learned to work with open source tools to get the info we

afacli can be run in a cron job that outputs to a text file (or better
still the logger program).  Swatch that text file and you are set.  This
has been very effective for us to monitor drive health.

Dell has the SNMP agent for linux to monitor all sorts of info about the
servers; what you need is a central snmp monitoring server that can poll
all of your snmp enabled devices.  I used to be unhappy that OpenManage
Array manager was windows only, until I realized that if I used that, I
would be using yet another tool to monitor my systems.  Better I think to
use a central system that can monitor many things.  We use MRTG.  This can
be setup to monitor any snmp enabled device, as well as other things that
don't support snmp.  Our setup even has a page that reports the wind speed
and temp near my house (pulled from a NOAA web page).  Beyond dell server
specific things, we monitor the server room temp, various stats on our
Domino/Notes and apache servers, and a host of Windows servers (Dell and

Frankly, if Dell released a Linux version it would probably be X based and
that would not help us either - we have to X-windows setups.

What Dell might want to do is to put together some info that outlines
integrating dells into other common monitoring systems.  They could
documents how to integrate dell's snmp objects into MRTG and provide a
sample afacli cron job.  Of course the trick then is to make these things
easy to find on the web or on CD.

Thom Dyson
Director of Information Services
Sybex, Inc.

On 3/12/2003 6:12:12 AM, "Michael Weber" <mweber at> wrote:
> Any idea when Dell will support Linux at this level?  What I am totally
> desperate for is the ability to detect when a drive is going flaky.
> Right now, all I have is a swatch scanner looking at /var/log/messages
> for scsi timeouts, and filtering out any that are not tape drive
> related.  Totally kludged, but it keeps my company in business.

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