Dell OpenManage Array Manager Problem

Michael Weber mweber at
Wed Mar 12 08:31:01 CST 2003

Any idea when Dell will support Linux at this level?  What I am totally
desperate for is the ability to detect when a drive is going flaky. 
Right now, all I have is a swatch scanner looking at /var/log/messages
for scsi timeouts, and filtering out any that are not tape drive
related.  Totally kludged, but it keeps my company in business.

Without an snmp monitor, the next dozen servers my company buys will be
Compaq, I assure you.  They fully support hardware monitoring under

What makes me really angry is that the Dell rep. was asked this
question specifically and he told us that Linux AS 2.1 would support
snmp monitoring for hard drive and other kinds of hardware failures. 
We've had our machines for well over a year and are still waiting for
this feature.

Please pardon the vent.  My company had a server go down for nearly 72
hours and the only reason we could not find the problem quickly was the
total lack of Linux support for hardware monitoring and


>>> <Steve_Boley at> 03/11/03 10:50PM >>>
Array Manager functions and utilities are not supported in linux.  You
a command line interface for the perc3/di and that is about it.

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Hello dear Dell-Linux gurus,

I just installed Linux RedHat Advanced Server  2.1 as the operating
on a Dell PowerEdge 2650 

Using the Open Manage CD (version 3.2.2) I successfully installed the
Managed System Software. As the OS is Linux, the Management Station
Applications should be installed on a system running Windows. I
installed it
successfully also on a PC running Windows within the same subnet. Then
should be able to remotely manage my Linux box as specified on page
1-13 of
the Quick Installation Guide of OpenManage (July 2002 P/N 4U141 Rev.

The Problem:

Each time I tried to connect to the Linux box via the Array Manager
I got the following error message:

	Dell OpenManage Array Manager :	The connection failed.

Here are the entries I used:

	Computer	: (My computer name)
	Username	: root
	Password	: (Root password)
	Domain		: (No domain specified)

I found no help on the documentation or troubleshooting section and
within the Dell knowledge base. In fact, I found nothing about how to
remotely manage a linux box using Dell OpenManage...

Can you please help me to solve that problem? 

Thank you very much in advance,

Michel Pilon
Analyste de systèmes			                System Analyst
Centre d'information topographique 		Center for Topographic
2144 King Ouest	bureau 010			2144 King West
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