Kernel 2.4.18-26* upgrade questions

Pottinger, Hardy J. PottingerHJ at
Mon Mar 10 14:37:01 CST 2003

Hi, I'd like to upgrade to the latest 2.4.18-26 kernel, but I'd like to ensure that the upgrade goes as smoothly as possible, since this is a production machine. I understand that I'll need to switch from the bcm5700 driver to the tg3 driver, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. I'm also pretty sure that DOMSA will no longer work until I can recompile/reinstall a new version that will work with the new kernel... but I'm not entirely sure how to do that, either. Are there any other gotchas I'm missing? I'll be using the bigmem version, will DOMSA compile for that?

Possibly helpful information on this machine: PE6650, RH 7.2, current kernel is 2.4.9-34enterprise.

If there's anyone out there who could help me navigate through this upgrade, I'm sure others on the list might like to see an overview of the process, as well. Would it be worth it to include a general version in the FAQ? Is this information already in the FAQ and I'm missing it?


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