DOMSA: going from 2.4.9-31 to 2.4.18-18

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I am running this config - How do I check which version of esm that I am running?

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On Sat, 8 Mar 2003, Shaw, Marco wrote:

> On a Linux system with DOMSA (I think 1.2.0) installed, does one need to
> take any more action other than just replacing the esm.o module to go
> from 2.4.9-31 to 2.4.18-18, or other upgrades in general?

The rebuild of esm.o will fail with that version of OMSA unless you change 
the #include<linux/malloc.h> to #include<linux/slab.h> in one of the shim 
files.  OMSA 1.3.0.C fixes this, and is recommended.  It's on, or direct via FTP (see notes in the last couple weeks in 
the archives.)

Also, please be sure if you've got a PowerEdge 2650 that you upgrade the 
ESM firmware to v2.0.


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