esm log - how to read and clear it in debian linux

John Paul Lorenti johnpaul at
Sun Mar 9 04:52:01 CST 2003

Thanks Joshua.

Is there some way to install the OMSA cli support (to get omconfig) 
under debian? I downloaded om33_lnx_managed_system.tar and looked 
through the files, but the installer doesn't seem to work under debian 
and I don't see how to tease out omconfig without it.

John Paul

Joshua_Giles at wrote:

>Make sure you've got all opennms services running (check logs in
>/opt/OpenNMS).  The events should appear as traps under events in the
>OpenNMS gui.  Also, make sure you are getting traps from SNMP to any other
>snmptrap handler.  On another system that you have configured traps to be
>forwarded to do like so :
>`snmptrapd -P`.  The '-P' option specifies to print out to sterr.
>"snmptrapd" is part of the snmp tools from (net/ucd -snmp).  If you're still
>stuck, try and check out the faq.  But anyhow, you can
>clear the event log with the OMSA cli command `omconfig system esmlog
>Read ya,
>Joshua Giles
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>Subject: esm log - how to read and clear it in debian linux
>I started noticing the system status light going from solid blue to 
>blinking orange recently, correlating with some filesystem corruption. 
>After upgrading the firmware on my poweredge 2600 and fixing the fs, the 
>light went back to blue. Now, it's blinking orange again. I installed 
>dellomsa_4.71-3653_i386.deb, dellomsa-drivers_4.71-3653_i386.deb, and 
>all the snmp supporting packages. I even went through all of the 
>instructions to use openNMS from here: 
>Unfortunately, openNMS doesn't seem to be reporting anything about the 
>dell hardware, just running daemons.
>The best I can get so far is this message in syslog from snmptrapd, 
>telling me the ESM log is almost full:
>Mar  7 17:20:43 lyra snmptrapd[17923]: Enterprise Specific 
>Trap (1553) Uptime: 0:00:33.32, enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.1.0 = 
>"lyra", enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.2.0 = OID: 
>enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.3.0 = "Log size is near or at capacity 
>.Log type: ESM", enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.4.0 = 4, 
>enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.5.0 = 3, 
>enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.6.0 = ""
>It's coming up in a non snmp way here:
>Mar  7 17:20:43 lyra Server Administrator: EventID: 1553  Log size is 
>near or at capacity  Log type: ESM
>Can anyone point me in the right direction here so I can read this log 
>and empty it out?
>Thanks for your time,
>John Paul
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