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Make sure you've got all opennms services running (check logs in
/opt/OpenNMS).  The events should appear as traps under events in the
OpenNMS gui.  Also, make sure you are getting traps from SNMP to any other
snmptrap handler.  On another system that you have configured traps to be
forwarded to do like so :
`snmptrapd -P`.  The '-P' option specifies to print out to sterr.
"snmptrapd" is part of the snmp tools from (net/ucd -snmp).  If you're still
stuck, try and check out the faq.  But anyhow, you can
clear the event log with the OMSA cli command `omconfig system esmlog

Read ya,

Joshua Giles

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I started noticing the system status light going from solid blue to 
blinking orange recently, correlating with some filesystem corruption. 
After upgrading the firmware on my poweredge 2600 and fixing the fs, the 
light went back to blue. Now, it's blinking orange again. I installed 
dellomsa_4.71-3653_i386.deb, dellomsa-drivers_4.71-3653_i386.deb, and 
all the snmp supporting packages. I even went through all of the 
instructions to use openNMS from here:
Unfortunately, openNMS doesn't seem to be reporting anything about the 
dell hardware, just running daemons.

The best I can get so far is this message in syslog from snmptrapd, 
telling me the ESM log is almost full:

Mar  7 17:20:43 lyra snmptrapd[17923]: Enterprise Specific 
Trap (1553) Uptime: 0:00:33.32, enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.1.0 = 
"lyra", enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.2.0 = OID: 
enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.3.0 = "Log size is near or at capacity 
.Log type: ESM", enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.4.0 = 4, 
enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.5.0 = 3, 
enterprises.674.10892.1.5000.10.6.0 = ""

It's coming up in a non snmp way here:
Mar  7 17:20:43 lyra Server Administrator: EventID: 1553  Log size is 
near or at capacity  Log type: ESM

Can anyone point me in the right direction here so I can read this log 
and empty it out?

Thanks for your time,

John Paul

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