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Not sure if this counts as glowing but here goes:

Been trying to get a 2650 w/RHAS 2.1 (2.4.9-e.9smp), 2 Qlogic 2340, 2
Brocade 3900, CX400 to talk with zero luck.  After much fighting, I have
determined the Qlogic drivers for Linux still have serious issues with
newer Brocade switches.  Since I can't very well pull the switches out
of a produciton SAN, I am going to try Emulex cards and see if they
actually will get the job done.

If anyone has had any luck with my combo, or you want more details, feel
free to reply to the list o directly to me


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I am building an EMC SAN, and I will be needing some Fiber Channel HBA's
for 2650's and 6650's. With the fun issues that I have had with RAID
cards recently I was wondering if someone had a glowing review, or great
recommendation for HBA's in Redhat Linux ~7.3. 

I have never used FC with Linux, and really do not want a really
expensive project to fail because of a bad driver (or poor purchasing

The college's students and I thank you in advance, and I will summarize.

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