Backup problems with PV136T tape library

Ed Martin ed.martin at
Fri Mar 7 11:22:00 CST 2003

This is a long shot, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve a problem we are seeing we'd very much appreciate it.  We're actively working on the issue with Dell (Gold) support, but it remains a problem after 5 days, and backup problems aren't the type we like to have!  Since we aren't sure what cause is we don't know if it's a Liux related problem or not (the back server is running Linux).

Below is a brief summary of the kit involved and the fault we are seeing.  I should add that this configuration worked OK with our previous tape library (StorageTek 9714 with 6 x DLT).  If anyone is willing to offer advice/suggestions etc then I am happy to supply more information, in as much detail as requested.  Thanks.

Is anyone successfully using a combination like this?

Problem: During backups drives go down and are not visible from Linux (mt -f /dev/st0 status).
	(usually 4 of the 6 drives go down, 2 seem to work OK, usually same drives)

Dell PowerVault 136T with 6 LTO drives
Initial Library firmware 2.88.0000
  have downgraded to 2.73.0010 (advice from Dell)
LTO drive firmware E34A
4 x Adaptec 39160
Backup Server is PE2600
Only using chan A on each card, two drives per card, library on its own card (overkill I know!)

RedHat 7.3 kernel 2.4.18-26.7.xsmp
Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: 6.2.8
  have tried aic7xxx_old
Netbackup 4.5 (MP3)

Have tried reducing configuration to minimum spec - 1 scsi card, 1 drive.
Have tried running tar backup of local files.
Have tried replacement scsi cables.
Oh and checked the terminators!



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